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Who is Daniel Kertcher?

DanielDaniel Kertcher is the CEO as well founder of Trading Pursuits. Toronto, Canada being his birthplace. He was born in 1972 in December, but his family moved to Australia when he was 16 years old. After studying one year of high school in Australia, he was accepted at the University of Queensland where he undertook a Bachelor of Science with a major in Neurophysiology (Brain Research).

In 1993 Daniel Kertcher was going to begin a masters in neurophysiology, but alternatively decided to have an intermission from studying and found employment in the Real Estate Industry. In 1994 he was promoted to Off-Shore Manager for the company and spent almost all of the year in Singapore where he participated in manaagement, marketing and property sales of the business.

Daniel carDaniel Kertcher became a accredited Real Estate agent in 1995 and founded his own agency, with his business partner and mother, Sharyn. Through the agency they managed most features of property, including investment, devlopment, sales, on-site management and maintenance.

Daniel Kertcher's investigation led him to two gentlemen living in New Zealand, Max Lewis and Bruce Barnard. Both these two gentlemen had over 30 years of technical analysis and share trading experience. Both were in their 60’s and together had founded the Society of Technical Analysis of New Zealand (STANZ), with Bruce Barnard as the Chairman and President of STANZ. Daniel Kertcher believed he couldn’t have found better mentors! So he employed the two gentlemen to instruct him in the stock market. Both gentlemen flew to Australia and spent a week in Australia teaching Daniel Kertcher about trading one on one. Daniel was so awed by them and their knowledge, that he offered them the opportunity to setup a company with him.

MetaShare International opened it’s first office in 1998, located Auckland, New Zealand. MetaShare taught courses on technical analysis and share trading and proved to be exceedingly popular. Very quickly Daniel Kertcher had teams teaching courses in other NZ cities and opened the new head office in Sydney in 1999. By 2000, MetaShare had more than 3,500 customers with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, and regional teams in Wellington and Christchurch.

At that moment, MetaShare had grouped together with other training organizations and was teaching courses in Futures and Options too. More about Daniel Kertcher

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